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You Can Play - University of Wisconsin - Superior

The Yellowjackets of the University of Wisconsin – Superior join You Can Play in working for diversity and inclusion for all athletes, staff and fans regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“UW-Superior did the You Can Play Project to show support for the gay athletes who are on the various teams here at UWS, but more importantly to show that UW-Superior is joining the cause to support this human right and that anyone at UW-Superior can play the sport they love to play regardless of their sexual orientation,” the school’s statement said.

Over 70 student – athletes, the athletic director, faculty members and various coaches participated in the training and showed their support by being in the video.

Members from each of UWS’s athletic teams were in the video along with Athletic Director Steve Nelson, Lynne Deadrick- Women’s Volleyball Coach, Joe Mooney – Men’s Soccer Coach, Melissa Hanson – Women’s Soccer Coach, Paul Eberhardt – Men’s Basketball Coach, Glen Drexler – Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field Coach, Nick Bursik – Men’s Baseball Coach, along with assistant professor Dr. Terry McGlasson and associate dean of students Tammy Fanning.

The school, founded in 1893, becomes the first in Wiscons to support the You Can Play Project.