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You Can Play - University of Vermont

The University of Vermont joins the You Can Play team with a salute to their out athletes. UVM’s club crew team captain, Gretchen Powers, and cross country team member, Kaleigh Wood produced the video with support from the UVM LGBTQA Center. An international cast of student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff – and mascot Rally Cat – appear, highlighting the UVM athletic department’s efforts to promote equality, respect and safety for all without regard to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

Wood says, “I believe what makes UVM special is that we have out athletes here on our campus and they are proud and they feel safe and they can be out with their teammates, their coaches, their faculty and everyone is here protecting them making sure they are treated fairly and equally”. Powers concludes, “I am proud to be a part of the You Can Play project.” Appearing in this video: Matt Belfield(Head XC and T&F coach), Joe Gervais(Student-Athlete Services), Lori McBride (Head Women’s Basketball Coach), Sam Simononis (W Basketball), Jennifer Johnson (Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach), Jim Plumer (Head Women’s Hockey Coach), Cathy Rahill (Student-Athlete Services), Sarah Leiby (W Soccer), Yolanda Ngarambe (W XC and T&F), Gracia Hudson (W Basketball), Luke Apfeld (M Basketball), Kerry Glynn (W Soccer), Val Moyer (W XC and T&F), Sasha Birge (M Lacrosse), Anja Gruber (Nordic), Emily Allen (W Lacrosse), Jonathan Nordbotten (Alpine), Kristina Riss-Johannessen(Alpine), Elise Tefre (Alpine), Travis Dawson(Alpine), Dom Garand (Alpine), Morgan Megarry (Alpine), Kate Ryley (Alpine), Lindsay Whittaker (Field Hockey), Elise Mazurak (W Lacrosse), Dan DiStefano(M. Lacrosse), Kaleigh Wood (W XC), Nika Ouellette (T&F), Greer Vogl (W Hockey), Wanda Heading-Grant (UVM Chief Diversity Officer), Aaron Szotka (XC and T&F), Katie Craig (Diving), Gretchen Powers (Crew), Sean Higgins(Alpine), Tyler Parent (T&F), Dan Moroney (XC), Women’s Basketball Team, Kevin Sneddon (Men’s Hockey Head Coach), Robert Corran (Athletic Director) and Rally Cat (UVM Mascot).

The Burlington, Vermont school was founded in 1791.