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You Can Play - Ryan Jones

Edmonton Oilers forward Ryan Jones doesn’t see sexuality as a barrier to being a great athlete and says so in speaking on behalf of You Can Play. “I dont think it (sexuality) would change a thing in the locker room. We have guys from all over the world, of different races, and sexuality would be no different. If a player can help the team and is a good person, who they choose as a partner is irrelevant.”

The Chatham, Ontario native is a Miami University alumnus. He started play in the NHL as a member of the Nashville Predators, and has been with the Oilers since 2009. His support of LGBT athletes comes from first-hand knowledge, and personal belief. “I participated in the You Can Play Project to honor a friend and member of “the brotherhood,” Brendan Burke,” Jones said. “But, most importantly because I believe in equality.

“You Can Play is doing ground breaking work in athletics. LGBT athletes are out there and for a long time it was something that was pushed to the background. It’s important for people to be able to live “openly” no matter what their sexual orientation is and You Can Play is fighting for that.”