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You Can Play - Miami University

In many ways, Miami University is where the You Can Play Project got started. Oxford, Ohio's Miami University is a school renowned for its stunning campus, great academics, and top-notch athletics programs. One thing it was not always known for was being LGBT-friendly.

The Miami Redhawks hockey team is trying to change that in honor of former student manager Brendan Burke. Brendan began working for the team in his freshmen year and developed close friendships with players and coaches alike. When Brendan came out to his teammates, he was accepted and supported universally. And in the wake of the accident which took his life, Miami's coaches, players, and fans have worked relentlessly to support the Burke family and honor Brendan’s importance to their program.

Now, head coach Enrico Blasi and players from every class are stepping up to carrying on Brendan’s fight for equality in sports. They are leading by example and proving LGBT athletes and coaches can contribute to championship caliber athletic programs. They have welcomed a gay teammate in the past, and would be happy to do so in the future. If you can play, you can be a Redhawk.