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You Can Play - Lousiana State University, University Recreation

The Tigers of Louisiana State University join the You Can Play team in promoting respect for all athletes, starting with their recreation and sport program. Located in Baton Rouge, LA, LSU University Recreation serves as a place on Louisiana State University’s campus of 30,000 students where everyone is welcome to come play. UREC empowers students to participate in recreational activities, inspiring them to stay active throughout their college careers and beyond.

According to the school’s statement, “UREC is speaking out against homophobia and discrimination in recreation and sport and its professional staff and student employees are committed to the You Can Play project. Research shows that play is essential to learning and well being. UREC allows all students to play, learn, and succeed. So no matter where you’re from, your race, your religion or not, your identity, or your sexuality, if you can play, you can play at UREC.”

Appearing in this video are Kenneth Miles (LSU Interim Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity, and Community Outreach), Kayli Alphonso (LSU national champion powerlifter), Jazmin Williams (LSU women’s lacrosse), Stephanie Linares (UREC adventure education staff), Daisy Miller (UREC fitness instructor), Chase Petit (UREC fitness instructor), Shane Theriot (LSU alumnus and 2006 National Wheelchair Collegiate Champion), and Laurie Braden (director, university recreation).