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You Can Play - GForce Sports: If You’re Straight, You Can Play

The gay athletes of GForce make it clear: even if you’re straight, you can play.

Founded by You Can Play co-founder, Glenn Witman, GForce Sports is a team of elite gay players dedicated to dedicated playing and advocating for, and encouraging gay and lesbian athletes across North America to be the best, proudest athletes they can be. With their You Can Play Video, some of the GForce team invite anyone who has the skills, heart and determination to join their squad.  And, teammates Dave Farber and Andrew Goldstein give a look at how they’ve helped GForce change the discussion at high schools and colleges around North America, by talking about how they’ve come out to their teammates – as successful, All-American athletes.

Since 2005, the GForce team has been comprised of the best gay ice hockey players from across North America, many of whom have played in juniors, college, or at the semi-professional level. Though GForce is at its roots an all-gay team, there have been many straight players to have donned the jersey over the past several years and are always welcome to participate…as long you can play.

Besides having a team that travels the country, Gforce has also traveled to many different univeristies, high schools and other places holding Invisible Athlete forums. The GForce Sports Invisible Athlete Forum is an opportunity for students, athletes, coaches, parents and fans to learn about the experiences of LGBT athletes in a comfortable live setting. High school and college students are encouraged to listen to and question some of sports most accomplished athletes as they discuss what it’s like to come out to teammates, how being a gay athlete affected the physical and emotional aspects of competition, and how being gay in sports has changed their lives. It was an Invisible Athlete Forum at the University of Denver in 2011 where Patrick Burke, Glenn Witman and Brian Kitts all first met and the seed for You Can Play was planted.