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You Can Play - Georgetown University

The Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) at Georgetown University spent the summer working on a You Can Play video, timing its release with the start of the new school year.

The video was produced by senior baseball player Alex Pettee, an athlete whose video production credentials also include baseball and strength & conditioning program videos. “I think this project has developed well over time and its strength and power come from being designed by the student-athletes,” SAAC president, and women’s volleyball player, Annalee Abell said. “Alex did a phenomenal job designing the video and it really shows.”

“Athletics has always been a strong platform from which to raise awareness about certain causes. At Georgetown, we emphasize every day that this is a place where all are welcome, not matter the circumstances. I think our video shows that and SAAC couldn’t be more proud of that. This is just one step of many in raising further awareness about the LBGTQ issue. It is my hope that SAAC and Georgetown athletics have contributed to the progress that needs happen to make LBGTQ athletes and people everywhere feel welcome and accepted.”