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You Can Play - FUN.

“No matter what language you sing, or where in the world you play, the Americas, Africa or Russia, if you can play, you can play.”

Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost are like a lot of guys who know their ways around a basketball court, a baseball diamond and a golf course. They know they can play – it turns out they’re just really great at playing on a stage. As athletes, fans and advocates, Fun now joins the You Can Play team in working to erase homophobia in sports.

It’s been a big year for Fun. The band was nominated for six Grammy Awards, taking home the honors for Best New Artist and Song of the Year for “We Are Young.” “We Are Young (featuring Janelle Monae)” hit #1 in the United States and around the world, followed by “Carry On,” and the title track from the album “Some Nights.” Then came lead singer Nate Ruess’s #1 worldwide duet with P!nk, “Just Give Me A Reason” and Fun’s sold-out world tour.

At every stop on the tour, Jack Antonoff (a baseball player since he was a kid), Andrew Dost (who would golf every day if he could) and Nate Ruess (who would love to play pro basketball) have provided support for LGBT groups and volunteer opportunities for those who also want to work for equality. Fun’s non-profit organization, The Ally Coalition, brings together the music, entertainment and fashion industries (including co-founder, designer Rachel Antonoff), in an effort that builds awareness of LGBT issues.

The rise of anti-gay legislation in Russia has been an issue for many musicians including the guys in Fun. In their video for You Can Play, Antonoff notes that the language of song might change, and the game might be different, but even in Russia, if you can play, you can play. And, in saying, “every day we make a choice to do the right thing,” Fun’s band members encourage music and sports fans to value heart, talent and skill over prejudice – no matter where they are in the world.

Between them, Andrew, Jack and Nate have created music history, writing, producing and performing some of the biggest hits of all time. But, it’s their support for anyone who  adds something to a team, straight or gay, that provides an equally enduring legacy. On a field, or on a stage, if you can play, you can play. All of us at You Can Play offer our sincere thanks to the crew behind Fun. – and, especially to Andrew, Jack and Nate – for their unwavering commitment to equality.  We’re proud to be on the same team.