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You Can Play - Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Devils are now part of the You Can Play team.

The school’s video features an array of athletes and administrators from teams and departments across the university, including Alexis Banner (Greek Life), Amy Defnet (Field Hockey, Greek Life), Bobby Bray (Baseball), Conor Leary (Campus Life Coordinator), Kelly Kenny (Greek Life), Mary Kate Whalen (Women’s Soccer), Mike Brown (Football, Greek Life), Rich Vazzano (Football, Greek Life), Sabrina Helm (Women’s Golf), Stephanie Geskes (Field Hockey), Pete Biondi (Men’s Lacrosse), Kevin Andrews (Men’s Swimming, Greek Life), Jason DeBalso (Football), Alexa Paparo (Greek Life), Evan Angstreich (Greek Life), Sarah Azavedo (Director of Campus Life Operations), Nick Mahalik (Men’s Soccer, Greek Life), Jay Bower (Men’s Soccer, Greek Life), Joe Ratner (Greek Life), Niki Ikeda (Field Hockey), Jenn Noon (Head Field Hockey Coach, Associate Athletic Director, Women’s Golf Coach), Dave Nicholson (Athletic Trainer), Nick Fano (Football), Gabriella D’Amico (Field Hockey), Alex Duarte (Women’s Swimming), Arianna Christou (Women’s Volleyball), Amanda Finn (Softball), Dylan Meyler (Men’s Soccer), Britni Calleo (Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse), Liz Farnan (Field Hockey), Leigh Ann Lively (Women’s Basketball, Greek Life), and Bill Klika (Athletic Director).

Welcome to the team, Fairleigh Dickinson. Glad to have you.