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You Can Play - Dartmouth College

“When we strip down to being who we are as people…that’s when the trust begins.”

One of the oldest establishments of higher learning in the United States, Dartmouth College has been educating since 1769, and it becomes one of the first to join You Can Play in promoting equality in sports, including equality for LGBT athletes, coaches and fans. Nearly all sports are included in Dartmouth’s video – 34 sports total, with 20 represented directly. From rowing and rugby, to skiing and track, Dartmouth’s athletes, coaches, staff and fans are allies.

“I don’t want to hide from you, and I don’t want you to hide from me.” Dartmouth’s statement continues: “We wanted to show that the effort to make Dartmouth inclusive is a team effort and taken seriously at all levels. We also want to make the statement that, at Dartmouth, who you are matters – not the other way around, the way it is usually stated. We want to know you, because you are part of who we are.

“Dartmouth announced this effort at the end of the year banquet last May. The track athlete that asked people to stay to take part in the video decided to use the opportunity to come out. It was also wonderful to see people come up to him after his announcement and shake his hand, give him a hug and support him – including an older alumn that was in the crowd. It proves that, “At Dartmouth College, who you are matters!'”

Go Big Green!