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You Can Play - Connecticut College

The Connecticut College Camels join You Can Play in promoting inclusion and diversity for all athletes, coaches, staff and fans.

Lowell Abbott, a senior on the women’s soccer team and a captain of the women’s lacrosse team brought the idea to Connecticut College. The production of the video was a collaboration of work by Lowell, Ryland Hormel (senior, men’s soccer), Anne Holly (freshman, women’s squash) and Lily Plotkin (senior, film producer). Everything that was said by students was on the spot and spoken from the heart.

A workshop was held before the filming to discuss homophobia in sports as a broad topic and as it pertains to Connecticut College, to discuss what it means to be an active ally, and to discuss what can be done by Connecticut College as a community of athletes. There are plans to continue with workshops in the future and involve more athletes. According to Lowell, “Although not every team was represented in the video, every team is behind it and in full support of it: this is a video from the entire Connecticut College athletic department.”

Connecticut College, a private liberal arts school in New London, CT, was founded in 1911.