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You Can Play - Colorado College Women’s Soccer

The Colorado College women’s soccer team promises equal treatment for all, including LGBT coaches, athletes and fans by joining the You Can Play Team.

Colorado College, in Colorado Springs, CO, is represented by the school’s soccer, basketball and hockey teams in the You Can Play Project. According to director of athletic marketing Jessica Bennett, the project represents “everything we as an athletics department value and embody.

“This has provided an excellent opportunity for Colorado College student-athletes to stand together and use their voices to make an impact for current and futures athletes. We hope that our message is not only heard, but also adopted by everyone who is touched by this great message.”

Tigers appearing in the video include Heather Seeley (San Ramon, CA), Kate Scheele (Seattle, WA), Katie Uyenishi (Hawthorn Woods, IL), Hannah Peterson (Denver, CO), Hanna Berglund (Golden, CO), Yumi Nguyen (Wellington, New Zealand), Mary Bowman (Columbia, MO), Cody Kornack (West Hills, CA), Shaina Riciputi (Los Alamos, NM), Marika Viragh (Columbus, OH), Brittney Lyman (Arvada, CO), Kecia Morway (Lake Villa, IL) and Kaeli Vandersluis (,Colorado Springs, CO).