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You Can Play - Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Agincourt Collegiate Institute has made a video in support of the You Can Play Project. Agincourt is a secondary school located in the Scarborough area of Toronto. They were founded in 1915, and have an enrollment of 1,351. They proudly wear the colors green and white, and their mascot is the Lancer. 

“All the members of our council felt that it was time for us to ensure everyone felt included in our athletics, as well as at our school in general because at the end of the day, our teamates are our second family.  We also felt like it was important to do something to show that as leaders at our school, we’d be willing to accept anyone on our team.  Ultimately, it was important for people to know that they have allies who they can come to at any time, for whatever they need.”  

Agincourt student Meghan Sue