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National Coming Out Day - Boston Beanpot Classic

On National Coming Out Day, You Can Play is proud to salute the thousands of athletes around the world whose courage, heart and skill in competition serve as examples for all athletes, gay and straight alike. And, these are the athletes, and their fans, whose dedication to living openly is a matter of fact and for whom You Can Play’s message of equal treatment is a given.

But, there are thousands of LGBT athletes still fearful that they’ll lose their friends, their teammates and their sport if they come out. Coming out is hard – it’s not what our parents, teammates or friends expected. You’ll take your time to do it and National Coming Out Day doesn’t have to be that time. But, when you’re ready, know that there are millions of teammates on your side – and hundreds have now voiced their support through You Can Play. They care about a wicked slapshot, a mean curveball and a badass kick.

Here, the athletes of the Boston Beanpot Classic hockey tournament speak up for You Can Play. It’s a tournament organized by Boston Pride Hockey and it’s a great reflection of the thousands of gay sports leagues, teams and tournaments that take place worldwide – from the new gay games in Nepal to the neighborhood team in your city. As these athletes say in their video, they’ve all got their own stories, families and lives. But, rather than walking away from hockey because they’re gay (actually, they’ll include anyone), they play. And, they play hard.

So, add these athletes to the long list of players and fans who love their sports and appreciate talent, heart and skill. And, to the Albany Bombers, Boston Lobsters, Boston Lasers, Chicago Red Liners, New York Boxers, Ottawa-Gatineau Capitals, San Francisco Earthquakes, Toronto Reloaded, Toronto Wolfpack, and Vancouver Cutting Edges, you represent the best in LGBT athletes and we’re glad to have you on the You Can Play team. On National Coming Out Day, whether you’re an out athlete or still wondering what’s ahead, if you can play, you can play.  We’re on your team.