Three Days to Raise $25,000

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Tommy Wingels hadn’t played his first game for the San Jose Sharks when he wrote one of the first checks to You Can Play. Now he’s a Sharks favorite and on the first day of You Can Play’s four-day fundraiser, Tommy chipped in again.

Every dollar we raise is part of a commitment from the Arcus Foundation to You Can Play and LGBT organizations around the world. Their support keeps us going – as long as we get support from you through their matching grant program. We’re working to raise $25,000 by Monday and we hope you’ll join us by donating online at or by purchasing English or Russian language merchandise from the site.

Tommy was a huge help on the first day or four drive and here’s who else is on the Nice List: Patricia, Ruhbin, Robert, Joseph, Riley, Tommy, Beth, Marianna, Brendan, Eileen, Kevin, Jessica, Megan, Susan, Lindsey, Jennifer, Theo, Justin, Erika, Brendan, Scott, Allison, Jocelyn, Elizabeth, Rachel, Krisa, Amanda, Katherine, Tara, Dylan, Sarahjayne, Patrick, Kristina, Brian, Maura, Ellen, Amie, Janet, Glenn, Mark, Chris, Pam, Erin, Sarah, Samantha, Sheila, Donald, Oren and James.

Thanks for your support!