Boulder County Bombers 2019 You Can Play video

The Boulder County Bombers join You Can Play in working for equality for all in sports, including LGBTQ athletes, coaches and fans. The Boulder County Bombers are a roller derby league in Boulder County, Colorado.

You Can Play - Canadian Olympic Committee

Team Canada releases #OneTeam videos as part of a partnership with You Can Play Project. Athletes share their stories in this powerful public service announcement (PSA) exploring and promoting LGBTQ inclusion in sport.

You Can Play - Ringette Zone 5 Team Is a First

They’re headed for Canada’s national ringette championship and whether they win or not, the women of Alberta’s Zone 5 become the first in their sport to join You Can Play in working for equality for all in sports – including LGBT athletes, coaches and fans. It’s a game much like hockey – played on an […]

You Can Play First LGBT Sports Advocacy Group to Address United Nations

Being the first to do something is usually accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. But, this year saw You Can Play invited to be the first at something – and it left us with a profound sense that this is a long, long road. When the Permanent United States Mission to the United Nations in […]

You Can Play - Logan Ehrlich

Wiffle balls, monster trucks, hoops and hockey.  This is part of a (now) teenage boy’s world and Logan Ehrlich celebrates his mitzvah with a You Can Play video. The guy from Virginia becomes the youngest ever to make a You Can Play video.  He knows, no matter the age, that one person can make a […]

You Can Play - Football, Futbol, Soccer

It’s the biggest sport on the planet.  It’s played on dirt fields in tiny villages and massive stadiums in world capitals. Now, against the backdrop of the cup, You Can Play salutes the fans who cheer for everyone who takes to the pitch.  And, You Can Play joins those fans in cheering for every player regardless of […]

You Can Play - Omaha Lancers

The Omaha Lancers go into this Friday night’s Star Wars Night ranked No. 1 in the Western Conference of the United States Hockey League. Founded in 1986, the Lancers are a Tier 1 junior ice hockey team. In their 28th USHL season, the Lancers become the first USHL team to join the You Can Play […]

You Can Play - The Mountain Doesn’t Care

Athletes face many challenges on the way to the Olympics, a championship or a solo journey. Heart, skill and determination are what define success, but sometimes mastering an environment – the sea, a course, a mountain – can be part of the challenge.<p> Sports fans and advocates at HQvB Advertising in Toronto have produced a […]

You Can Play - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock becomes the first mayor in the United States to support LGBT teammates through the You Can Play Project. Hancock’s participation is part of the Colorado High School Activities Association’s Positive Leadership campaign: “You Can Play, Colorado!” The program puts a message of inclusion and diversity in every Colorado high school […]

You Can Play - FUN.

“No matter what language you sing, or where in the world you play, the Americas, Africa or Russia, if you can play, you can play.” Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost are like a lot of guys who know their ways around a basketball court, a baseball diamond and a golf course. They know […]