Groups Donate to Keep Homophobia from Locker Rooms

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You Can Play was founded by volunteers and co-founders Brian, Glenn and Patrick have never received any part of donations received. When You Can Play brought Wade Davis on board earlier this year, it was part of a grant received from the Arcus Foundation.

That means about 95% of donations received in our first 18 months have gone to program expenses such as in-school forums, locker room talks to athletes and the website. The other 5% has gone to the necessities of non-profit organization: attorneys, accountants, filing fees, etc.

We’re a little over half way to our grassroots goal of $25,000 by Monday night as part of our commitment to raise funds that Arcus would match. We’ve had great support from individuals who have donated through company matching programs and through foundations. Dan Zale has helped in a huge way through the Zale Family Foundation. The Rhode Island Foundation has sent a donation on behalf of its members. And, the crew of Disney on Ice, groups like Skate Against Hate and individual schools have donated.

Thanks for considering a year-end donation that will let us keep working to erase homophobia from locker rooms, and anywhere there’s a fan. Our mission is acceptance of anyone who cares about sports, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. And, we’re glad to have you as part of the You Can Play team.