Four Days of Building Support and Offering Thanks.

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It’s been a big year for You Can Play and none of it would have happened without our supporters. Those supporters might be sports fans interested in equality, the athletes we work with, musicians like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and the guys from FUN., or corporations dedicated to diversity.

Brian, Glenn, Patrick and Wade are all better at talking about sports and drinking beer than raising money. But, when one of the world’s most active and thoughtful voices for LGBT equality offers support, we owe it to them and to those we work for to get busy.

We’ve never done a campaign like this, but the Arcus Foundation has provided a matching fund grant and we’re asking for your help. If every one of You Can Play’s Facebook and Twitter followers donated five dollars (or more), we’d make enough over the next four days to fund You Can Play for a year.

We won’t do this often, but we’re asking for your help now. And, in exchange for meeting a goal of $25,000 in the next four days, on Monday we’ll release videos featuring more NHL players voicing their support for equality. Actually, we’ll do that anyway.

We’d like to thank those who’ve already helped with Arcus’s challenge. Our friends at MillerCoors have provided a donation to help us meet the Arcus Foundation’s grant. And, so has You Can Play advisory board member John Buccigross. Our thanks to both of them.

And, our thanks to you for your consideration. To donate, visit, and click the “Donate” button, or, buy any piece of the English or Russian language gear on the site and net proceeds will be applied to the challenge.