Final Day to Give as Part of Arcus Challenge

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This weekend’s events remind us that casual homophobia is still present even in the midst of the holiday season and in the middle of bowl games. And, as further reminder that casual homophobia can be overcome and why You Can Play does this work, later today we’ll release a video featuring four more professional athletes who’ve committed to stand with LGBT athletes and fans.

Today is the final day of our year-end Arcus Foundation challenge. We’ll give a mid-day update but we’re very close to meeting our $25,000 goal.

The giving so far has been terrific. From Dover, NH and Ottawa, to West Covina, CA and Burnaby, BC. We see the name and address of every giver so part of the fun for us is when we see friends and family give like Dave, one of the best gay athletes in Colorado or Patrice, the ultimate lacrosse mom. And, there are friends we hope to meet someday and who we appreciate just as much: Tague, Katherine, Dave, Patrick, Kimberly, Douglas, Shannon, John, Audrey and Nora, Paul, Marc-Andre, Diane, Linda, Emily, Wendy, Kim, William, Theresa, Jamie, Holly, Annette, Eliot, Brandon, Audrey, Miranda, Laura, Lynne, Megan and Daniel.

Thanks for being part of the team, giving, and spreading the word.