Congratulations to Jason Collins

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You Can Play is extremely proud of Jason Collins and his decision to come out as the first gay man playing in a major professional American sports league.

“A man with a big heart, speaking a couple of small words, has helped change the course of sports,” said Brian Kitts, co-founder of You Can Play. “Saying ’I’m gay” sets a new standard of honesty, openness and teamwork that will positively affect athletes and fans at every level of sports.”

Jason’s accomplishments as a high school athlete, a member of NCAA Final Four teams and nine NBA playoff teams, speak to his credentials as a professional athlete. His willingness to start a conversation about LGBT athletes, while playing as an out athlete in a major sport, speaks to his credentials as someone who cares about fairness in the locker room and sports venues.

“All of us have huge admiration for what Jason is doing,” said Patrick Burke, co-founder of You Can Play.  “Jason’s courage in stepping forward with his personal story will provide athletes and fans with a new role model.”

“Gay athletes espeically have another role model today,” continued Glenn Witman, You Can Play co-founder.  “Jason’s play and record show that LGBT athletes are valuable members of any team.”

Patrick, Brian, Glenn and the supporters of You Can Play all share in congratulations and support for Jason and thank him for taking this important step.

Read Jason’s Sports Illustrated story here:

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