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LGBTQ athletes. Allies. Teaming up for respect.

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University of New Brunswick

Founded in 1785, the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton has a long, long history of academic and athletic excellence. The University adds to that legacy by speaking on behalf of LGBT athletes with this video for You Can Play. They team up with the Centre for Arts and Technology - Fredericton.

Varsity Reds student athletes featured in the film are: William McFee and Alison Chalke, basketball; Julio Fernandez and Celina Abba, volleyball; George Lawton and Emma Quigley, soccer; Kaitlyn Young and Holly Wright, swimming; and Geordie Wudrick and Taylor MacDougall, hockey. Coaches and athletic staff featured are women's soccer coach Jon Crossland, women's volleyball coach Jilliane Goulet, and Director of Athletics John Richard.

Stefan Verch and Pierre Cormier, two digital film students from the Centre for Arts and Technology - Fredericton, teamed up with Jason Cress from the Athletics Department at the University of New Brunswick to produce the video. Together, these two schools hope to send a positive message through the work of filmmaking and the community of sports.

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