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National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics

It isn't just athletes and coaches who have a stake in the success of student-athletes.  Academic advisors do some of the heavy lifting and their support of equality is clear.

The National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics and National Association of College Directors of Athletics, have created a video in support of the You Can Play Project. Founded in 1965, the NACDA now boasts members of over 12,500 individuals and 16,000 institutions. The NACDA presents two awards anually. The first is the Corbett award, named for the organization's first president James Corbett, is presented to "the athletics administrator who, through the years has most typified Corbett's devotion to intercollegiate athletics and who worked unceasingly for its betterment". Their second award, the Under Armour AD of the year award, is given to honor the Athletic Director of the year in college athletics, honoring one from each division.

In their video the "team behind the team" stresses that "they're the one's cheering you on. On the field, and in the classroom." "LGBT athletes, and athletes exploring or questioning their sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression, need to know we have their backs."

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