You Can Play

LGBTQ athletes. Allies. Teaming up for respect.


The You Can Play Team has prepared some materials that you can use to communicate you support for our mission to coaches, players, teammates, and fans and let them know that they will be judged only by what they contribute to your team’s success.

An Overview: A simple, one-page PDF detailing why You Can Play exists and how we spread our message is HERE.

LGBTQ Inclusion 101: A basic guide of what you need to know before taking action to make your team more inclusive is HERE.

The Pledge: A page that your team and fans can sign to show their support for all athletes is HERE.

Our Logo: A high resolution version of the You Can Play logo that you can use to create your own materials at your games or events is found HERE.

Presentations: Want to have You Can Play visit your campus, team, conference, or organization? The trainings and presentation guide found HERE summarizes the types of events that our team can facilitate.


You Can Play encourages teams, schools and fans at every level to participate in the You Can Play Project by making videos and tips on how to do so are found HERE. In addition, there are numerous other ways to show volunteer and promote the mission of You Can Play, which can be seen HERE

And finally, as you are taking steps to show support for all of your players, teammates, and fans, be sure to remember that a number of the great resources available for LGBTQ athletes are HERE.