You Can Play

LGBTQ athletes. Allies. Teaming up for respect.

Make a You Can Play Video!

You Can Play encourages teams, schools and sports fans at every level to participate in the You Can Play Project. Here are some tips for making a great video:

1. Say what you feel. We ask video producers and scriptwriters to use the “If You Can Play, You Can Play” tagline at least once during the video. But, other than that, the video is yours – it doesn’t have to be “If you can skate, you can skate…”. Tell us about your experience as an athlete or fan. Tell everyone why you think You Can Play is important. Let everyone know that your story is personal. A combination of personal experience, some good thought, and your own words is the best way to let everyone know that LGBT athletes and straight allies are all on the same team.

2. If you’re with a school and want to make a video, look for help from departments and fellow students in the communications, art or computer fields. Invite their help in creating videos. Colleges and universities may have public relations departments that can help produce a video. And, some local TV stations can offer help. Great videos are judged on content, though, so if you don’t have professional help, your camera phone will get the job done. You Can Play is a small non-profit organization and we don’t have budget to assist in producing videos. We’re glad to offer help in putting a script together.

3. You are welcome to use the finished video as you see fit. If your school wants to use the video before games, as part of gay-straight alliance projects or any other cause, you don’t need You Can Play permission to do so. We would love to hear what you’re doing, though, so please do send us updates.

4. When you’re ready for your video to go live, let us know. Send a note to which includes a FTP link (e.g. dropbox, etc.) to the video file, converted to the smallest possible size – and remember to use a program like Quicktime or Quicktime Pro to export your video for Internet use. 100 MG files or smaller are preferred. Clearly label your video so we’ll know which school or team it is. And, send  a few lines about who is in your video, something about your team or school, and why you made the video. You Can Play will edit and get it posted. We would prefer that your video “lives” on the You Can Play website so we’d rather have the file directly rather than a YouTube link to your own page. And, videos that premiere on our page get front-page treatment.

5. Have fun! Sports are meant to be fun and we want your participation in this project to be enjoyable. Everyone wins when your video shows the spirit of sport and the honesty and care in your thoughts. We appreciate your support.